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Diabetes and hypertension are the leading cause for end stage kidney failure in India and it is estimated that over 210,000 patients are suffering from end stage kidney failure. The increasing number of liver diseases caused by Hepatitis B & C viruses and alcoholism has led to an increased rate of liver failure. Patients suffering from heart failure due to infection or cardiomyopathy, requiring a heart transplant are about the same number as liver and kidneys. Overall, it is estimated that 500,000 people in India need kidney, liver and heart transplants, against which only around 8,000 transplants are done annually, which barely meets 1 to 2% of the demand for organs. For some organs like heart and lungs, deceased donors are likely to be the only source.

The Medical Education & Drugs Department of the Government of Maharashtra is therefore conducting a campaign to promote awareness on Organ Donation.


If you wish to pledge to be an Organ Donor, please


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